War against corruption

Am finding it very difficult to trust politicians. I no longer have any confidence in them. They make fake promises just to win. The system protects corrupt politicians and rewards eloquent preachers. It is not surprising that some of them owned private jets, expensive cars and mansions. The so called preachers are now turning to millionaires.
I support the current war on corruption. But even when it is necessary , it is not sufficient and cannot be efficient in tackling corruption. There are still some corrupt practices going on in the country. To fight corruption, government must change its tactics. in this regard, The three arms of government needs to collaborate. In simple terms , corrupt politicians must not be giving any bail out etc. They should be prosecuted. There should be a capital punishment. In fact, Seize all their assets and destroy them.

The youth

You’re the heart of society,
Yet dropped down with impunity,
Moving backward with ferocity,
Wake-up and change the society!
The elders are your torchlight,
To guide your way and sight,
For you to walk in the right,
Stand up and fight for your right!

Pay respect only to leaders,
Shun away the Stern rulers,
For they are our looters,
Other ways, they are our cheaters!

You’re the vanguard of humility,
But reduced to agents of partiality,
Hemp smoking is absurdity,
Shun drugs in totality!

Pursue education with vigour,
It is your weapon and armour,
Treading it’s path is a valour,
Don’t wait for a little favour!

Remember your predecessors,
Learn to be their successors,
The Awos, the Sardaunas,
The Ziks and the Tafawas!

You’re the movers and shakers,
The economy, you’re developers,
Don’t be the bench warmers,
Wake-up and be the builders!

Fight away the rumour mongers,
They are the humanity killers,
Be just and decent leaders,
Don’t be the ruthless fighters!

You’re the mission and vision,
Be tactful, pay attention,
To any slight proclamation,
Some voices are condemnation.

You’re the present and the future, Always look for better suitor,
To lead you better in the future,
Remember to lead better in the future!

Nigeria and the failure to harness her potentials

Nigeria a country that flows with milk and honey, a country blessed with unimaginable mineral abundance, a country blessed with diverse human capacity it’s benefits hasn’t been harness to the apex due to the leaders being caught up with the struggle for dominance and control of power while the masses are embroiled with religious peity, ethnic sentiment, derogatory and disparaging remarks.

Nations that enjoy the capacity Nigeria squanders are forces to reckon with in terms of global affairs, leading in technology and infrastructural development with it’s citizens living and enjoy the best of life. But in Nigeria the reverse is the case with corruption as a devastating epidemic, substandard infrastructure, public and domestic violence and tribal baiting which is the ultimate factor that has left Nigerians fragmented and shackled in mental bondage.

My dear Nigerians, the capacity to become whatever we imagine and hope is begging to be taken. We cannot afford to continue in this foolishness and lunacy of self destruction, the suffering in the land has reached it’s climax as a result of insensitivity to fact that the land is ever green and fertile for every citizen to flourish equally.

Finally, Nigeria has the potential to be one the greatest nation in the world and will be achieved by shelled defiance and a resolute mindset. Success is not achieved by mistake but a deliberate act by those who are willing so if Nigerians want a better country, there must be a deliberate act to achieve it. We must put aside our differences and focus on the potentials of our diversity to achieve greatness. YES WE CAN!!!

Equality between men

Verily it will be interesting when everyone stand equal without human disparity in material wealth, but the world of anarchy is definitely a flamming chaos society which deem its feet for emergence of leadership to palliate human problems. The call for leadership now attracts too many actors who seek to be in the helm of power either possessing the competency or incompetency. While the masses who assume viewers of actor fail to put measures to check them.
Tragic painfully is African society but how and why are we endowed in these…

6 smart ways to study effectively

It’s safe to say that there isn’t a student in the world that hasn’t had to grapple with studying. For most, studying is almost a form of punishment they have to endure. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 6 smart ways to help you study without it feeling like some cruel and unusual form of punishment.

Be Mindful of How You Approach Studying

Researchers have found that ‘how’ you approach something matters almost as much as what you do. Having the right mindset is important in helping you study smarter and more effectively. Too many people see studying as a task or some form of punishment rather than an opportunity to learn and better themselves. You can think of it this way: people say intelligence is sexy right? Well studying is one of the easiest ways to build that intelligence.

Be Mindful of Where You Study Continue reading “6 smart ways to study effectively”