The youth

You’re the heart of society, Yet dropped down with impunity, Moving backward with ferocity, Wake-up and change the society! The elders are your torchlight, To guide your way and sight, For you to walk in the right, Stand up and fight for your right! Pay respect only to leaders, Shun away the Stern rulers, For […]

Nigeria and the failure to harness her potentials

Nigeria a country that flows with milk and honey, a country blessed with unimaginable mineral abundance, a country blessed with diverse human capacity it’s benefits hasn’t been harness to the apex due to the leaders being caught up with the struggle for dominance and control of power while the masses are embroiled with religious peity, […]

Equality between men

Verily it will be interesting when everyone stand equal without human disparity in material wealth, but the world of anarchy is definitely a flamming chaos society which deem its feet for emergence of leadership to palliate human problems. The call for leadership now attracts too many actors who seek to be in the helm of […]