The youth

You’re the heart of society,
Yet dropped down with impunity,
Moving backward with ferocity,
Wake-up and change the society!
The elders are your torchlight,
To guide your way and sight,
For you to walk in the right,
Stand up and fight for your right!

Pay respect only to leaders,
Shun away the Stern rulers,
For they are our looters,
Other ways, they are our cheaters!

You’re the vanguard of humility,
But reduced to agents of partiality,
Hemp smoking is absurdity,
Shun drugs in totality!

Pursue education with vigour,
It is your weapon and armour,
Treading it’s path is a valour,
Don’t wait for a little favour!

Remember your predecessors,
Learn to be their successors,
The Awos, the Sardaunas,
The Ziks and the Tafawas!

You’re the movers and shakers,
The economy, you’re developers,
Don’t be the bench warmers,
Wake-up and be the builders!

Fight away the rumour mongers,
They are the humanity killers,
Be just and decent leaders,
Don’t be the ruthless fighters!

You’re the mission and vision,
Be tactful, pay attention,
To any slight proclamation,
Some voices are condemnation.

You’re the present and the future, Always look for better suitor,
To lead you better in the future,
Remember to lead better in the future!

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