Nigeria and the failure to harness her potentials

Nigeria a country that flows with milk and honey, a country blessed with unimaginable mineral abundance, a country blessed with diverse human capacity it’s benefits hasn’t been harness to the apex due to the leaders being caught up with the struggle for dominance and control of power while the masses are embroiled with religious peity, ethnic sentiment, derogatory and disparaging remarks.

Nations that enjoy the capacity Nigeria squanders are forces to reckon with in terms of global affairs, leading in technology and infrastructural development with it’s citizens living and enjoy the best of life. But in Nigeria the reverse is the case with corruption as a devastating epidemic, substandard infrastructure, public and domestic violence and tribal baiting which is the ultimate factor that has left Nigerians fragmented and shackled in mental bondage.

My dear Nigerians, the capacity to become whatever we imagine and hope is begging to be taken. We cannot afford to continue in this foolishness and lunacy of self destruction, the suffering in the land has reached it’s climax as a result of insensitivity to fact that the land is ever green and fertile for every citizen to flourish equally.

Finally, Nigeria has the potential to be one the greatest nation in the world and will be achieved by shelled defiance and a resolute mindset. Success is not achieved by mistake but a deliberate act by those who are willing so if Nigerians want a better country, there must be a deliberate act to achieve it. We must put aside our differences and focus on the potentials of our diversity to achieve greatness. YES WE CAN!!!

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